Online Estimate — 4 Easy Steps

  1. Step 1Locate a pencil and measuring tape.
  2. Step 2Using the Free Online Estimate Worksheet, roughly draw the shape of your countertop space. Draw your kitchen as if you are looking at it from above. Don’t forget to include islands, bars and backsplashes. Measure the length by width of your countertop and backsplash.
  3. Step 3Fax it to us at 763-479-2955 or call us at 763-479-2948.You can also email the form to us at
  4. Step 4Fill out the online estimate form below. Any information that you provide remains confidential.

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To get the total sq. ft., measure each surface area: Length x Depth divided by 144 = sq. ft. Then add the total sq. ft. of all surface areas and enter that total below. Counter Top Example: 36” x 32” divided by 144 = 8 sq. ft. Center Island Example: 66” x 35” divided by 144 = 16.04 sq. ft. Total sq ft. you would enter below is 24.04 (16.04 = 8). To get more detailed help, take a look at our guide How to Measure Countertops.

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