1. Do I have to seal my Countertops?
-Depends on factory finish, however Rock-Tops offers sealers that will last 25 years.

2. Is quartz more expensive than granite?

3. Which is better quartz or granite?
-Both have qualities that will accommodate different customer needs, it boils down to what people are looking for and how they will use their countertops.

4. Will Granite Take Heat?
-Yes, up to 1,200 degrees fahrenheigh

5. Do I need to use a cutting board on Granite?
-Only if you want to keep your knifes sharp, it is difficult to scratch granite.

6. Can Granite be repaired?
-Typically yes, with the resins and epoxies available today we can usually repair chips and cracks. If it is beyond fixing, generally most homeowners insurance policies will cover replacement, but check with your agent.

7. Can I buy granite from Lowes or Home Depot?
-Yes, but you’re putting yourself at risk. You will be responsible if the granite they bring to your house does not fit properly. You have to fit the templates for your job, and you are at the mercy of them as to when it is going to be installed.

8. Can I pick out my own slab /countertop material?
-Yes, with Rock-Tops you can view, and select your material from either our inventory or our suppliers inventory.

9. Why are some stones more expensive than others?
-Rarity of the color, and location of the quarry all effect the price of the stone. Higher price does not necessarily mean higher quality.

10. Why does my granite have pits on the surface?
-Because of Granites crystalline structure, pits are always present which are just spaces between the carious mineral crystals, sometimes natural fissures are present as well. Fissures look like cracks but are not structural defects. These characteristics are a part of stones natural beauty and will not impair the function or durability of the stone. A product of mother nature should not look man made.

11- Location Served?

-Minnesota, Minneapolis, Wayzata, Minnetonka, Blaine, Edina, Eden Prairie