25 Year Warranty

Our rock-solid guarantee.

General Warranty Guidelines

Your granite countertop is backed by Rock-Tops 25 year limited warranty. Details of the warranty are below, but the guiding principle of the warranty is as follows:

If there is something Rock-Tops didn’t do correctly when we fabricated and/or installed your granite countertop and that fabrication or installation deficiency causes you a problem with your countertop, we will correct the problem and stand behind our product. Period.


To help add even more value to your home, Rock-Tops 25 year warranty is fully transferable to subsequent owners of your home, provided the new owners properly register their countertop with Rock-Tops.

Care & Maintenance

For the Rock-Tops warranty to be valid, the countertops must be cared for in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the “Rock-Tops Countertop Care & Maintenance Guidebook.”

Warranty Terms

Rock-Tops warrants to the owner of a Rock-Tops countertop, that Rock-Tops at its option will repair or replace, without charge, the countertop piece if it fails due to any fabrication or installation defect during the first 25 years after initial installation, except for damage caused by chemical or physical use or abuse. This warranty does not cover countertops that have been moved from their original installed location, and it does not cover the natural characteristics of stone, which include, but are not limited to, color variations, water lines, or surface marks. This warranty also does not cover damage to your countertop caused by items out of our control, such as house settlement, fires, tornados, or other acts of nature.

Rock-Tops obligation is limited solely to the repair or replacement, including required labor charges of the Rock-Tops countertop piece in question.

No implied or expressed warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose is covered by this warranty except as expressly stated herein. Rock-Tops shall not be liable for any loss or direct, incidental, or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use your Rock-Tops countertop.

For more information about our warranty, please contact: Rock-Tops, 1799 County Road 90, Suite #10, Maple Plain, MN 55359. Our phone number is (612) 363-4942. Please feel free to call anytime.